"Climbing, jumps and laughs. A super fun way of moving and exploring your body!"


Back to basics! Let’s move your body in a way what it is build for. Climbing, jumping, crawling, balancing and hanging are forms we will be using. Move like a primate and overcome obstacles and fear through basic movements. Reconnect with your nature, develop awareness, and movement capabilities to become a more resilient and optimised human being.



€35 — Once a Week (4x Total)
€52.50 — Monthly Unlimited


Drop-in Classes

€12,50 — Single Ride
€100 — 10 Class Package


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"Free your body from blockades. Simply by moving."


We see movement as a conversation between body and mind, where in this realm of movement they become one. The possibilities of opening doors and learning are endless! Discover all the possibilities of what your body can do in combination with the mind. Let’s start this journey together and create amazing stories.