the monkey business Philosophy©


Do you feel comfortable in your own body? Do you feel like you can move it freely in every way possible, or face any obstacle you can?  Do you feel in line with your body and feel your senses are sharp? Your mind is strong to overcome fears? 

There is no reason that you as a human being should feel limited in your body, you only live one life and your obliged to yourself to get full potential out of it. So align mind and body by letting them work together in the most mindful and playful workout there is. 

Monkey business will show you that through a perfect mixture of different movements, methods and skills you will gain flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, reaction, conditioning in a fast pace, while you are having the time of your life and feel like a kid again.

Movement is our main focus, its a combination of Martial arts, modern dance, acrobatics, yoga and many more of the movement forms we will be using.  Get back to the roots of movement, overcome obstacles and fear while getting comfortable in the uncomfortable. Reconnect with your nature, develop awareness, and movement capabilities to become a more resilient and optimised human being.

Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. Let’s move your body in a way what it is build for. Monkey Business is a class found by Ravez Movement Academy in 2016. 


We offer

  • Weekly Classes

  • Unique Workshops

  • Private Group Training

  • Teacher Training





We work with body weight only. Outside and inside.

  • Trees

  • Gymnastics Studio & Rings

  • Walls

  • Beach

  • Gymnastic Balls

  • Custom Obstacle Course

  • Outdoor Gymnastics Sets

No shoes. No egos.


Play, play, play and expand your boundaries! It’s my newest obsession!
— Rosalie
This is no stereo type of class.

You will start to think differently about movement and learn how to use your body in a functional way to become more fit. Don’t hesitate, but book this class!
— Karlijn
Great class. Lots of variety, great coaching and nice ambience.
— Thomas